Re: Fokker Dr.1 Colours

Thomas Eisenhour (
Tue, 2 Jan 1996 17:27:41 -0800

Vincent wrote:
>I am starting on a Dragon (DML) Fokker Dr.1 in the colours of
>Ltn Steinhauser (Jasta 11, 1918).
>Does anyone have mixes (Humbrol et al) for the Olive and Turquoise
>used in the standard finishes on these aircraft?

G'day Vincent!

I paint the surfaces to be streaked with an oil-based paint the color of
unbleached linen. I use Testors Light Ivory but any similar color is OK. After a
couple of days, I apply the olive streaking. I use Gunze Sangyo H-304 Olive Drab
FS 34087. I pour some paint into a small dish and add rubbing alcohol (50%
isopropyl alcohol - get the cheap stuff!) until you achieve the right
consistency. How will you know when you have the right consistency? By trial and
error. That's the beauty of using an oil-based bottom coat with a water-based top
coat: if you don't like it wipe it off! I keep a spray bottle of ammonia window
cleaner handy for this purpose. To apply the streaking, I use a 1/2-inch wide
round brush and work the paint until I get it just right. I think most modelers
put the paint on WAY too thick. If you look at photos of Dr.Is, you will see the
streaking is fairly light.

The underside color is a turquoise that I mix myself - see the Windsock Dr. I
Datafile special. Tip: the color is darker than you may think.

Good luck on your Dr.I and best wishes for a happy 1996!