Re: Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

John Huggins (huggins@Onramp.NET)
Tue, 02 Jan 1996 22:58:43 +0000

Bill Shatzer wrote:
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> >Hi Brad and welcome!
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> >You wrote:
> >>Some of you may be familiar with a book I wrote back in 1979, WWI In
> >>Plastic.
and thank you's to Brad for
> a most marvelous book. I got mine in the 1986 second printing with the
> 'nifty' 12 'updates' in it and quite honestly, its one of the most used
> and most enjoyable books I own. Best twenty bucks I ever spent and I've
> always secretly hoped for a third edition, or at least 'update 13'.
> Anyway, welcome to the list and thanks again for keeping the flame alive
> during the 'dark ages'. It's almost heaven now. We have Brad Hansen to thank, at
> least in some small measure, for that!
How can one go about obtaining a copy of this fantastic book.
Building WWI aircraft have always been one of my ways of getting me
out of a rut. It seams that I am now collecting more and more WWI
kits to add to my collection.

The main collection started as one each of as many different types
flown by the U.S. between the Wright Flyer and today. The WWI part
of that collection has centered mostly around German types. I do
have a resin Salmson 2A2 and a Se 5A in the lot along with a Camel.

>From the sounds of the book, I think it would be a most welcome
addition to my reference materials and possibily the jump start I
need at this time to get me back to building real models again. I
got hung up on the Tamiya F-4C because I wanted a model of the bird
I flew in in 1974.

I am also looking for drawings or photos of CV6 as she was in
1942/43 so I can continue with that kit. Every thing else seams to
be on hold right now.