Re: Eduard 1/72 Fokker D.VIII

Phil Kirchmeier (
Wed, 3 Jan 1996 00:04:46 +0000

Hi Randy,
A sample of this kit came into FSM over the holiday and I agree it is a
little gem>

>2) The wing looks pretty darn smooth. Did the D.VIII have a smooth plywood
> wing, or should I be preparing to work some ribbing and texturing in there?

Yes the wing was smooth plywood, save for the seam lines of each sheet. I
beleive there should be two seams, each one about halfway out from the
centerline of the wing.>

>3) The color naming on the instructions being fairly sparse, what should I
> paint the interior, presuming that I use the lozenge decals? In this, I
> mean the structure, as well as the fuselage sides. (Note: in the 1/72
> pressing, I noticed that Eduard has etched the cockpit in either stainless
> steel, or nickel. Either way, it is not brass.)
I completed a review of a 1/24th scale Fokker for FSM earlier this year-er-I
mean last year, and a friend was kind enough to let me use the D Vlll
Windsock, it stated that the frame and cables were most likely gray. In
addition there seems to be two schools of thought on the inside color of the
cloth- some say the color should be clear dopped linen and others (myself
included) think it should be a mutted down version of the lozenge scheme,
sort of like what you would see if it was held up to the light.
Hope this helps.
Phil Kirchmeier
MindsEye Illustration