WWI in Plastic

Brad Hansen (bradh@kumr.lns.com)
Tue, 2 Jan 1996 21:53:27 -0800 (PST)

Responding to a message from John Huggins:

> > >>Some of you may be familiar with a book I wrote back in 1979, WWI In
> > >>Plastic.
> > and thank you's to Brad for
> > a most marvelous book. I got mine in the 1986 second printing with the
> > 'nifty' 12 'updates' in it and quite honestly, its one of the most used
> > and most enjoyable books I own. Best twenty bucks I ever spent and I've
> > always secretly hoped for a third edition, or at least 'update 13'.

> How can one go about obtaining a copy of this fantastic book.
> Building WWI aircraft have always been one of my ways of getting me
> out of a rut. It seams that I am now collecting more and more WWI
> kits to add to my collection.

I still have a few copies of my "fantastic book" (thank you, thank you).
If you're interested, you may email me for details at bradh@kumr.lns.com
and I will get back to you.
Sorry, no Update 13; Windsock more than compensates for my pathetic
updates, but edition three is not out of the question. It's just these
pesky manufacturers keep putting out so much new stuff, I can't keep up!

> >From the sounds of the book, I think it would be a most welcome
> addition to my reference materials and possibily the jump start I
> need at this time to get me back to building real models again.

As a reference book, it is a bit out-dated,going up to only 1986, so it
doesn't have any of the umpteen new companies; but it's still pretty
accurate for most of the old stuff like Aurora and Airfix and Revell.
Thanks for the kind words. This may be the incentive I need to get back
into the thick of WWI kit research.
Brad Hansen
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