Re: Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Brad Hansen (
Tue, 2 Jan 1996 22:10:47 -0800 (PST)

> I missed Brad Hansen's original message which apparently never showed up
> at my site but I'd like to add my 'huzzahs' and thank you's to Brad for
> a most marvelous book. I got mine in the 1986 second printing with the
> 'nifty' 12 'updates' in it and quite honestly, its one of the most used
> and most enjoyable books I own. Best twenty bucks I ever spent and I've
> always secretly hoped for a third edition, or at least 'update 13'.

Thanks for the thanks. As Stan Freberg said in The Yellow Rose of Texas:
"Ah 'preciate it!"

> I've also always held a secret hope that someday a visit to the hobby
> shop would reveal a new WW1 kit produced by 'Auklet' - Brad's mythical
> but always hoped for kit production company. (Most of the kits on
> the list have been done by now, Brad, but we're still waiting for the
> 'R' class Zeppelin <hint!>)

Yes, I checked my Auklet list a few months ago and was rather amazed to
see that, with the Ilya Mourometz, every single plane listed has now been
kitted, and many in injection molded form and several scales to boot. As
for the airship, well, it's a notion I have seriously kicked around.
Don't hold your breath. I still have to clean the garage.
> Anyway, welcome to the list and thanks again for keeping the flame alive
> during the 'dark ages'. It's almost heaven now - I now have more
> WW1 kits available than I have time to build 'em, something I couldn't
> have imagined saying 15 years ago. We have Brad Hansen to thank, at
> least in some small measure, for that!

Ah yes. How many of us remember those dark days in the early seventies
when the only 1/72 scale WWI kits were the pathetic Airfix Camel and
Tripe in the MPC Red Baron Dogfight kit. I do. Made a collector and a
writer out of me!

Brad Hansen