Fokker D VII

Edward C. Swaim (
Thu, 03 Jan 1991 00:27:29 -0800


Your WWI Modeler's Page is a fantastic resource for me. I've
re-started building models as an adult, and last year I got an
itch to build some WWI airplanes. After buying and being
frustrated with some Airfix 1/72 kits, I was lucky enough to
have gotten 2 D VIIs for Christmas! My girlfriend got me the
Udet DML kit, and my brother bought me the Monogram D VII kit.
I'm building them together, and using the DML as a reference to
put more detail into the Monogram. The Monogram's color scheme
has me stymied. I've hunted all in your archives, and haven't
been able to find out exactly what colors to use. I'm going to
use the skull and crossbones, red, blue, and x colored scheme
that I believe belonged to Hantelman? Can you direct me to
resources regarding the proper shade of blue and, more
importantly the "amber" that the instructions refer to as the
underside color? Thank you very much. I would subscribe to your
list and put my question on it, but my brother and I share this
e-mail, and it would get incredibly complicated. Thanks for
maintaining the WWI page!!!

Edward Swaim
England, Arkansas