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Wed, 3 Jan 1996 00:43:14 -0800

>> On 2 Jan 96 at 18:37, Vincent Price typed diligently:
>> > I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. I did and
>> > now it's time for a new project.
>> I'm probably one of the few on the list who *didn't* get any hobby
>> related stuff over the holdiays. <groan> Ah well, life will go on, I
>> suppose.
Join the club...No kits under the tree for me either, but I did get a
copy of 'Aces and Kings', the memoirs of L.W. Sutherland (from Aeolus
Publishing/ Vintage Aviation Library). He was a Brisfit pilot with the
Australian Flying Corps in Palestine and the Suez during '17 & '18, his
squadron flying bombing and ground attack missions for, among others, T.E.
Lawrence & his Arabs, and General Allenby. Not much of a technical
reference work, but an entertaining read; sounds kind of like M*A*S*H* in
the desert, sans nurses, but with lots of beer. (We all know how those
Aussies like to have a good time!) Also, every so often they actually mixed
it up with the Turks and Germans (mostly from Jastas 301 and 302) in the
air. There's little mention of the specific types of Central Powers aircraft
they came up against - a few references to Alb. DIII's and DFW, AEG, Aviatik
and Alb. 2 seaters is about it. The Australians and RFC were mostly using
the BE2c, RE8, and BE2e until the Brisfit and SE5a came along. Needless to
say, the Germans/Turks enjoyed air superiority until that time - then lost
it rather quickly! On a more serious note, Sutherlands account of the
bombing/strafing of the Turkish columns retreating from Damascus in Oct. '18
('Nine Miles of Dead') is a chilling reminder of the ugly realities of war -
it gives the impression that he never did quite get over the hideous job he
and his mates had to do.

So, all in all, a decent book and I'd recommend it to anyone with an
interest in WWI aviation as it relates to the Mid-East campaign.

Finally...speaking of the recent holidays...could one of our Aussie or
Canuck friends enlighten me as to just what the hell is Boxing Day? Here
in the U.S. 12/26 is traditionally observed by going to the mall and
exchanging/returning the gifts you received the day before. This does not
<<normally>> lead to fisticuffs, though in a crowded store, filled with
stressed out people, it probably happens occasionally ;-) Inquiring minds
want to know...

Mucho happy modeling in '96 to all....

Mark R.

"When the going gets wierd, the wierd turn pro" - Hunter S. Thompson