Re: Eduard 1/72 Fokker D.VIII

Don Rinker (
Wed, 3 Jan 96 07:52 EST

>>2) The wing looks pretty darn smooth. Did the D.VIII have a smooth plywood
>> wing, or should I be preparing to work some ribbing and texturing in
>Yes the wing was smooth plywood,

Well, Yes and No to that one. It's true the plywood was smooth, but the
wing itself was far from that. If you look at a D-VIII wing structure
with the skin off, it looks much like an egg crate design. The skin was
so thin it actually dipped in the open spaces, appearing almost as if
it was fabric sagging between supported areas. Also again due to the thinness
of the ply skin it warped A LOT in only a short period of time. As you
many know moisture problems in the wing cell were one of the reasons
for withdrawl of the E-V from service.( In addition to Fokkers usual
horrendous quality)

For a 1/72 model, yes the wing should look smooth; however as it would
get to 1/48 or a flying model size, a true scale effect should show
some dipping and warping of the skins.

>>>beleive there should be two seams, each one about halfway out from the
>centerline of the wing.>

The "seams" occur at the point where the wing transitions from constant chord
to tapered planform.The constant chord section in the center is about
40% of the total span. At these "seams" this was a point where the wing
structure also changed internally. On the forward edge of the wing at the
end of each constant chord section should appear the usuual Fokker
"stacking pad"

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