Fokker D.VIII colors

Charles Hart (
Wed, 3 Jan 1996 10:01:05 -0700

To continue a thread:

>On 3 Jan 96 at 11:04, typed diligently:
>> You'll want the interior fabric to look like a faded (paler) loz. In 1:72
>> you can probably get away with brushing a patchy approximation into the
>> teensy area that you'll be able to see. The seat would probably be linen
>> colour (a cover usually fitted to aluminium and ply seats as far as I
>> know), and the framework is a very dark tone in photos, so probably
>> black(?)

> to which Matt replied:
>According to the original D.VIII seat in Italy, the seat should be
>fabric covered, as well. If I were you, I would use decals on the
>interior. Just reverse the pattern, and dull them with a dry brush
>of light grey, and there you go. However, it's all a matter of
>semantics. ;-)

One should be cautious when "reversing" lozenge decals. The way that
the art for decals is made anticipates that the pattern should look
"correct" from one side only, the outside. Turn the average decal around
and you are likely to receive a surprise, the printer could have used a
"base coat" for the decal and the lozenge strip becomes a solid color
stripe. As mentioned in an earlier post, Americal/Gryphon has dealt with
this by printing their 4-color lozenge in reverse with appropriately
shifted colors.


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