Reply to Doug Jones

Dr. Larry J. Crabb (
Wed, 3 Jan 1996 12:35:19 -0600


> I cut paint masks and made my own decals out of decal paper. Not an
>experience I will repeat too soon.

I don't know what kind or type of "decal paper" you're using, but
I'll never use anything in the future but graphic self-adhesive paper. I
buy it by the foot at a local "sign-maker and graphics" place in nearby
Cabot, AR. It comes in every color imaginable; even the mustard-gold color
of the 'diamonds' on Jasta 20 (Lt. von der Morwitz' Pfalz D-IIIa). The
material is tough, extrememly thin, and, after applying and placing the
plane in the sun for a few minutes, it shrinks to the contours of ribs,
formers, etc. without wrinkles. Looks more like paint than paint, itself.

>As for the plans of my "ships," I drew them from various 3-view drawings,
>pictures and manufacturers' dimentions...
>I would love to see the SPAD plans!

Send me your mailing address and phone number!

>I am interested in doing a Curtis Robin in 1/6 and I cannot find the plans.

Get it at John Pond Old Time Plan Service [(408) 292-3382]. They have no
less than 31 plans of this plane of various sizes and types. The R/C plans
are as follows: (You can order them from this info.)
Catalog Number Mfg. of Plans

Antique Aero Products 62" span $12.
40" span $ 6.
Harold Osbourne
64" $11.50
They accept M-C/Visa, too. Their address is: P.O. 90310; San Jose, CA.
95109, if you want to write them. Now, I need the address of Combat Scale

>Hey I *live* in Dallas....or rather outside Dallas in a town called
>Carrollton! I wished I had gotten this sooner. I would like to have met
>you. Maybe someday in the future. By the way is that yuk for your in-laws
>or yuk for Dallas??

The "Yuk!" was for my in-laws, not Dallas! I was born and reared there.
My younger brother taught History at Carrollton High School in the '80's
and my older brother taught physics at Highland Park. I practiced
dentistry in Oak Cliff for 15 years before going into academics. (1958 to
1970). (Bernie Haire (owner of the Hobby House) was my very close friend
and model buddy.) Sorry we got our wires crossed. Next time I'm in town
we'll get together, but we'll be talking sooner.