Reply to Paul Butler

Dr. Larry J. Crabb (
Wed, 3 Jan 1996 12:37:13 -0600


>I have only got back into the modelling business about three years ago
after a 25 year break for various socio-econimic...

Me, too. Not at all umcommon. My hiatus lasted from 1959 to 1885.

>It has never been crashed in about two years of regular flying...

Phenomenal! After countless "take-offs", I could never make that statement
(in honesty).

>All of the forgoing will keep me busy for quite a while, but I also plan
>to scratch build the following sometime in the future:....

For a while?? I'd say about 10 years! Whata bunch of projects! I only
kitted one (1) airplane and my wife almost became a stranger. Personally,
I'm not really "into" engines. I have problems enough keeping my *&$*%$^
K&B .61's running.

>I might add that all the foregoing is something I dreamt of doing in my
>late teens and I am now setting out to achieve the dream when in my

Copycat! I did, too.

> (Sorry for the corny bit but it is my usual response to the funny looks I
>get for the non-modelling types who outnumber us all (can anybody guess at
>the likely ratio)

About 4.2 billion:1. It's not too crowded at the top!