Re: WW I Kit Prices

Brian Bushe (
Thu, 4 Jan 1996 11:24:55 +0000

> >
> > It really doesn't bother me THAT much to hand over $50 for a Blue Max Pfalz
> > D.XII. A couple of years ago, what would you have guessed were the chances of
> > EVER seeing that aircraft as an injection-molded kit (with PE and white metal
> > details, yet!)?
> Despite the fact that I'm just a *little* bit nuts-o over the
> DXII myself 80), by the time it got here, we'd be paying up to about
> $A70-80 for it, which to my mind, and pocket, is just a tad extreme.
> Makes the $A30 I paid out for the Tom's vac-form seem like a bargain.

in the uk the Blue Max series is not horrendously overpriced. At 20
quid it is cheaper than most Dragon (upto 25 quid) and now Hasegawa
are getting up to that range as well (1:48 Ki 100 just came out at 19
pounds!) :-( i suppose it's all relative.

I'm sure you can order them at these prices direct from pegasus, and
their mail order prices are supposed to be ok? I have the Junkers D1
and Ne 28 and defininately think they're worth the money. Maybe i
should build something!