Pilot search

Dr. Larry J. Crabb (docc@aristotle.net)
Thu, 4 Jan 1996 13:51:18 -0600

Dear members:

My WW-I modeling associate, Joe Jakonczuk, and I are planning to place our
WW-I, R/C 'hangers' on display at the new airforce museum at the
Jacksonville Air Force base here in Jacksonville, Arkansas. We have
designed information placards about each airplane, i.e. its history,
performance data, etc. In addition, we would also like to include the name
of the pilot who flew each plane or, at least, the Jadgstaffel or Squadron.
Consequently, I'm calling on the members' help us fill-in our own data by
identifying the following pieces of information:

1) A Spad S. XIII with "French Horn" markings and the number, "2":
Squardon: ____________? Pilot:________________?

2) A Fokker D-VII with the numerals, "F. 7795/18:
Jadgstaffel:___________? Pilot:________________?

3) A Sopwith Camel 1 F.1 with the Letter "F" and two white stripes aft of
the fuselage's roundel:
Squadron:_____________? Pilot:________________?

4) A DeHavilland DH-4 with the letter "M" beside the cowl:
Squadron:_____________? Pilot(s):______________?

5) Did Nunguesser ever fly a Nieuport 27 with his coffin/skull insignia?
If so,: What was the number on the rudder of that Nieuport?___________?

6) The number "9" Nieuport 28 of the Lafayette Esquadille with the rudder
number, "6189."

Be assured that we too have researched these questions and came up empty handed.

We do appraciate any help you can give us!

Doc Crabb