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Don Rinker (
Thu, 4 Jan 96 20:37 EST

>On Thu, 4 Jan 1996, (Dr. Larry J. Crabb) wrote:
>Dear members:
>My WW-I modeling associate, Joe Jakonczuk, and I are planning to place our
>WW-I, R/C 'hangers' on display at the new airforce museum at the
>Jacksonville Air Force base here in Jacksonville, Arkansas. We have
>designed information placards about each airplane, i.e. its history,
>performance data, etc.

I assume you mean just the generic dates of service and performance
data from a reputable up to date source?

In addition, we would also like to include the name
>of the pilot who flew each plane or, at least, the Jadgstaffel or Squadron.
>Consequently, I'm calling on the members' help us fill-in our own data
>identifying the following pieces of information:

>5) Did Nunguesser ever fly a Nieuport 27 with his coffin/skull insignia?
>If so,: What was the number on the rudder of that Nieuport?___________?

No, after the N.25 he moved on to other types. He had flown the N.10, 11
12, 17 , 17bis, possibly the 24 and finally the 25.
The 25 was extremely rare only a very feew experimental prototypes built.

>6) The number "9" Nieuport 28 of the Lafayette Esquadille with the rudder
>number, "6189."
> Pilot________________?

N.28's as Matt says, were not flown by the Laf. Escadrille. The plane in
question, #6189 was one of the very first to be delivered to the 94th Pursuit.
The plane was NOT numbered 9 though, it was WHITE 6. This plane had a red
cowling as being the number one plane of "A" flight.(the 94th, like many
US groups early on, had A flight red, B flight white, and C flight blue.)
The plane was flown by Capt.Ken Marr who was C.O. of the 94th at this time.
Later it had the traditional Hat in the Ring Added.

Capt. Marr was originally from Spa.103 and did himself spend time in the
Lafayette Escadrille. He transefered to the 94th as CO when the US outfits
were formed. He was replaced in late September by Eddie Rickenbacker. By this
tim the unit had long since converted to SPADs.

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