Re: Fokker Dr.1 Colours

mark (
Fri, 5 Jan 1996 01:02:00 -0800

On 01/04/96, Mick wrote in reply to my inquiry re: Boxing Day....
> This does not
>> <<normally>> lead to fisticuffs, though in a crowded store, filled with
>> stressed out people, it probably happens occasionally ;-) Inquiring minds
>> want to know...
> So do you know now?.....80)

Thanks for the reply, Mick. It's interesting that you, Shane, and
Vincent all had somewhat different interpretations of the meaning of Boxing
Day, and none of our Canadian friends even ventured a guess. Sounds like the
kind of holiday that means whatever you want it to mean - but if it's a day
off from work, who cares?

BTW, Eduards Alb. CIII <<is>> out on the market, at least here in the
States. Saw a few in a Seattle model shop on 12/18 (18/12 in Australian), so
hopefully you'll have it down under pretty soon. Kind of pricey ($40.00
U.S.) but looks like it could be good (as if you can tell anything by
looking at a sealed box on the shelf!). Was hoping for one for Christmas,
but alas, it didn't materialize. Oh well. If <<anyone>> on the list has
procured this one, I'll bet there's more than a few of us that would like to
see a kit review!

Here's to more beer - and nurses too!

Mark R.

"I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy"

(Martin Mull as Barth Gimble, "Fernwood 2Nite", 1977)