Re: Fokker Dr.1 Colours

Jim MacKenzie (
Fri, 5 Jan 1996 04:40:54 -0500

> On 01/04/96, Mick wrote in reply to my inquiry re: Boxing Day....
> Thanks for the reply, Mick. It's interesting that you, Shane, and
>Vincent all had somewhat different interpretations of the meaning of Boxing
>Day, and none of our Canadian friends even ventured a guess. Sounds like the
>kind of holiday that means whatever you want it to mean - but if it's a day
>off from work, who cares?
Darn, and just yesterday, I shipped my copy of the 'Farmers
Almanack' to a friend in Mexico - bet the answer would have been in there,
somewhere? Cheers & many more [future] happy boxing days. Jim.