1996 WW I Kit Releases

Charles Hart (hartc@spot.colorado.edu)
Fri, 5 Jan 1996 12:35:23 -0700

To continue a thread:
>> Tom,
>> > It really doesn't bother me THAT much to hand over $50 for a Blue Max
>> > D.XII.
>> Despite the fact that I'm just a *little* bit nuts-o over the
>> DXII myself 80), by the time it got here, we'd be paying up to about
>Guys, guys! All this talk of a Blue Max Pfalz D.XII, right ?!?!
>Please, I need this verified.

Pegasus/Blue Max has announced the following kits for 1996/7 release:

1/72 Albatros D-III (OEF) 10.99 pounds
Breguet 14 13.99 pounds
Fokker D-XXIII 13.99 pounds
Curtiss XP-40Q 11.99 pounds

1/48 Pfalz D-XII 19.99 pounds
DeHaviland DH-2 19.99 pounds

Send him your credit card # in advance and he will send you the kits
as soon as they are done.

The address:

Pegasus Models
Lancaster House
P.O. Box 50
Kent CT5 2UX

Phone: 44-0-1227-277-569
FAX (if you need it fast): 44-0-1227-770-195