A better deal on Blue Max kits ??

Charles Hart (hartc@spot.colorado.edu)
Fri, 5 Jan 1996 13:12:57 -0700

Sean wrote on 4 January:

>In case anyone is interested, I just recived a flyer from APC Hobbies
>advertising several of the Blue Max kits (including the Nieport 28, Junkers
>DI and many others) for a sale price of $32 (US) each until January 31. I
>have no affiliation with APC or Blue Max, but I just thought that others
>might be interested as these kits are usually about $50 retail.

Just for comparison:

You can buy Blue Max kits direct with your credit card. As of
noon today, 5 January, one British pound was worth US$1.5520. Blue Max
kits are 19.99 pounds making their price $31.05. Blue Max does not charge
postage and sends your order via air mail. Add in the $0.60 for the stamp
for air mail of your order to the UK and the "everyday" price of any Blue
Max kit is US$31.65.

Also, ordering from APC (from whom I have received good service) will
involve at least a $4.00 charge for UPS shipping to add to the price of the

For anyone that is interested, currency exchange rates as of noon EST
on any business day can be found at the following internet address:


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