Glencoe Nie. 28C.1

Thomas Eisenhour (
Sun, 7 Jan 1996 07:56:31 -0800

I picked up the Glencoe Nie. 28 at my local hobby shop yesterday and I wanted
to share my initial impressions.

It's the old Aurora kit, all right. The only obvious differences are the
molded-on markings have been removed and the orginal crude machine guns have
been replaced with reasonable Vickers facsimilies. The majority of the parts
are molded in an off-white plastic that's very close to the original Aurora
color; the stuff that was originally molded in black (engine, wheels, guns,
propeller, etc.) are now steel-colored. The pilot figure and mechanic are
excellent and even the base and medallion are included.

Scalemaster decals included with the kit provide markings for 7 different
aircraft. I'm slightly disappointed by the decals: the red and blue of the
cockades overlap which makes a dark ring on the red and IMHO the blue they
used is too bright. The other markings are great. I picked mine up for $8.00.

Brad "The Guru" Hansen wrote that it was an accurate kit overall "with few
errors other than crude guns [now corrected] and thin cockpit padding".
(Followup comments, Brad?) Not that you'd want to build it as a serious model
- the Blue Max kit is infinitely superior - but buy it for the decals.

Footnote: The instructions advertise the Pfalz D.III, with markings for 11(!)
aircraft; and the SPAD XIIIC.1 with makings for Baracca, and seven French
aces including Guynemer, Nungesser, and Fonck, so look for them soon.