Re: Glencoe Nie. 28C.1

Charles Hart (
Sun, 7 Jan 1996 12:05:29 -0700

Thanks Tom for your impressions of this kit. I haven't found one on the
shelf yet.

>I picked up the Glencoe Nie. 28 at my local hobby shop yesterday and I wanted
>to share my initial impressions.

Given that:
>Brad "The Guru" Hansen wrote that it was an accurate kit overall "with few
>errors other than crude guns [now corrected] and thin cockpit padding".
>(Followup comments, Brad?) Not that you'd want to build it as a serious model
>- the Blue Max kit is infinitely superior - but buy it for the decals.

And that:
> I picked mine up for $8.00.
I think that I might go with the Glenco kit. With the alternative
being a $49.00 (retail) or $32.00 (if you buy direct from BM) for the Blue
Max Ni 28. One could buy at least 4 Glenco kits and take fuller advantage
of the variety of markings on the decal sheet and still be building a
pretty accurate kit.

Tom noted:

>Scalemaster decals included with the kit provide markings for 7 different
>aircraft. I'm slightly disappointed by the decals: the red and blue of the
>cockades overlap which makes a dark ring on the red and IMHO the blue they
>used is too bright. The other markings are great.

While I can't comment on the shade of blue used on a sheet I haven't
seen, the problem of having colors "bleed" through red ink is familiar to
me. Red inks for screen printing are not very opaque and even light
underlying colors are a problem. The Americal/Gryphon sheets of AEF
cockades get around this problem by printing the blue over the red,
eliminating the dark ring found with the Scalemaster sheets.

One question, isn't the SPAD XIII kit already in the stores ??