RE: Glencoe Nie. 28C.1

S.M. Head (
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 00:09:48 -0500

>Charles asks:
>> One question, isn't the SPAD XIII kit already in the stores ??
>It's certainly in the Rosemont flier I received in late December, at
I saw the SPAD in the store today, but I passed in favor of the Nie.28. I
was a bit let down by the decals, if only because I have a superb set of
two sheets from Lone Star Model's Nie.28. This is a fantastic decal set,
with most of the aircraft included on the Glenco sheet plus a couple of
different ones. It features tons of numbers, a better drawing of the Mule
and the Scotty(?) dog, and the colors have absolutely no bleed. Perfect
registration too! The only parts lacking are the cowl markings.
If only the vacuform and resin were a little better, I'd have built this
kit long ago. (This is Mike's second release of the Nie.28, with over 70
excellent photoetch parts similar to Fotocut's style; excellent white metal
guns, prop, and engine). I plan to pass on the Blue Max Nie.28 and see if I
can adapt the LSM photoetch, white metal, and decals to the Glenco kit. At
$25 for the LSM kit and $10 for the Glenco kit, I come out ahead--at least
until I take knife to plastic!
If you are not familiar with Lone Star Models, look them up in Fine Scale.
Beware, the kits are generally basic/rough and require a bit of
scratchbuilding skill, but he's got a decent lineup of WWI aircraft
(Bristol M1.C, several German and a French seaplane, Curtis N.9, Felixstowe
F5.L come to mind) I dont have the address with me now, but I could get it
if anyone is interested. I see the owner at my IPMS meetings regularly, and
he welcomes comments and questions.

Happy Modeling!
Scott M. Head
IPMS 32841