Re: Polikarpov R-1

Hirohisa Ozaki (
Mon, 8 Jan 96 19:05:37 JST

>>>>> "Matt Bittner" <> writes:
Allan> What is it?
Matt> A DeHavilland DH9a clone. Made - I believe - after the war, so none
Matt> made it in that combat.
Matt> I bought one, and it's worth its price. Believe it or not, the
Matt> struts can be used! Shocking!
I bought it too, and I agree with Matt.
This kit seems to be sold from Russian Naval museum.
I recommend to get it if you like Airco DH4/9A.
BTW, I could not read this instruction;-)
Does anyone teach me which color and marking of this kit?

Matt> The biggest "disadvantage" is the lack of cockpit details. But then
Matt> again, who are we on the list to complain?
Me? No, no. But I forebode some troubles when built it;-)

--Hirohisa Ozaki