The Big Switch

Allan Wright (
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 10:37:17 -0500 (EST)

O.K. Everyone,

We're ready to do the big switch from majordomo server software to the
new and improved LISTPROC server software. The new software has the following

o Digests - users may choose to receive individual messages or digests
at their discression thereby allowing the user to receive all the day's
messages in one e-mail.

o Automated subscription, unsubscription, and pausing for vacations, etc.

o Archiving. From now on the digests will be arcived on the WWW page instead
of individual messages.

o Return recipt - users may turn on a feature where the list will send an
acknowlegement of posts to the list - you know it got there.

Now the down side: EVERYONE MUST RE_SUBSCRIBE!!!!

I've set up the subscription engine - once most of the people have
re-subscribed, I'll have the wwi mail go to the new list.

To subscribe:

E-mail to with the following line in the BODY of
the message:

subscribe wwi <your real name>

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