Re: A better deal on Blue Max kits ??

Charles Hart (
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 16:03:44 -0700

>> Just for comparison:
>> You can buy Blue Max kits direct with your credit card. As of
>>noon today, 5 January, one British pound was worth US$1.5520. Blue Max
>>kits are 19.99 pounds making their price $31.05. Blue Max does not charge
>>postage and sends your order via air mail. Add in the $0.60 for the stamp
>>for air mail of your order to the UK and the "everyday" price of any Blue
>>Max kit is US$31.65.
>Another thing to remember when ordering kits from England is that all
>purchases made from a foreign country exclude the 17.5% VAT. It is usually
>necessary to remind the vendors about this! I would assume that Pegasus are
>putting this "spare" money towards postage for overseas clients - very fair,
>I wish they all did it.

I don't recall ever seeing a mention of VAT in a Pegasus advert. They
simply ring up the charge as the advertised price in the ads and the
converted figure winds up on my credit card bill.