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Richard G. Ivansek (
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 22:35:16 -0800

You wrote:
>>decals are provided for 5 vehicles. Colors are given only by their
>Line drawings showing color demarcation and marking placement are
>provided. No info given on unit affiliation:
>* German captured vehicle - Beute Panzerwagen A, they were called.
> Iron crosses on each side of the vehicle. Two additional colors
> 10118 & 10219) are used in a shadow shading or mimetic pattern.
> Color contours provided for tank sides only. No instructions as
> to whether the camo is hard or soft edged (anyone know?)
I find this scheme interesting because according to " The A7V
Tank" by Hundleby & Strasheim, their were two Medium As tested on
proving ground of BAKP 20. They were deemed the only British Tank
worth copying,but they were not put to use in the ATDs.
Therefore this scheme must be of one of those two, one of which is
pictured in the book and appears to be overall field grey.

>1) Does anyone know of the availability of replacement (resin?)
> tracks for the MARK IV? If they're available, I'd like to know
> from who and for how much. The tracks used on the Mark IV and
> Whippet were identical. The Mark V's were 6 inches wider and
> overhang the sponsons a bit. Any suggestions for gluing this
> rubbery track parts together? (rubber cement?)


I definately remember reading some place that these were available.
Who makes those injection moulded Panther tracks? Is it the same

I just special ordered one at my local hobby shop and am looking
forward to getting it. It sounds pretty good.
Now just to hold out for a Renault,St. Chamond, and a Schneider.

Thanks, Rick Ivansek