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Tue, 9 Jan 1996 07:24:29 -0500

On 9 Jan 96 at 13:13, Jose Valenciano typed diligently:

> 1) Does anyone know of the availability of replacement (resin?)
> tracks for the MARK IV? If they're available, I'd like to know
> from who and for how much. The tracks used on the Mark IV and
> Whippet were identical. The Mark V's were 6 inches wider and
> overhang the sponsons a bit. Any suggestions for gluing this
> rubbery track parts together? (rubber cement?)

Like was previously posted, yes they do exist. I too can't remember
who puts them out. However, be aware they're in the $30-35 range, so
you'll spend more for the tracks then you did the kit.

As far as assembling rubberized tracks, one trick is to "wire" them
together. Since you can't see the upper portion of the tracks, even
wire them to the return rollers - or whatever the Whippet has. Not
only will the tracks stay together, but there will be sag induced, as
well. Again, probably not important with the Whippet.

> 6) I'm planning to get the Emhar Mark IV and convert it to a Mark V*.
> Anyone have any suggestions for this?

References, references, references.


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