Pilot Search - Don Rinker

Dr. Larry J. Crabb (docc@aristotle.net)
Tue, 9 Jan 1996 10:24:47 -0600


Thank you for your very welcomed message (1/9/96). I never noticed your
"Silver Hill" signature before this msg., but not long ago, I read a book
entitled, "Silver Hill." Is this the one and the same....the place that
reburbishes, sic: restores, aircraft for the Smithsonian? If it is, it's
the one place in all the world I would like to visit and tour !! My wife
wants to vacation in Egypt, but I'm holding out for Silver Hill. So far,
we may be taking separate vacations. Ha! Now for the search and thank you
for helping me!

1) Model is all red including undersurfaces
2) A light blue band outlined in dark blue encircles the fuselage just aft
of the cockpit and slants toward the tail
3) Numerals along lower fuse. stringer aft of band is: Fok DVII F. 7795/18
4) Fin/Rud has a large Balkencross outlined in white
5) Balkencrosses on upper wings from L.E. to T.E. of ailerons
6) Undersurface of lower wing is plain with no markings (at this time)
Whose airplane and what Jadgstaffel?

1) Completely camouflaged according to one of the manufacturers of the
S.P.A.D., but I forgot which one (senility rearing its ugly head again).
Black "footprint" on right upper surface of upper wing and a smaller black
"footprint" on the right upper surface of Stab/Ele.; otherwise the
camoflaged colors are: flat earth brown; olive green; grass green (light
green); sandy tan. (The tan is close to a cream color).
2) It's either a "french horn" or a "hunter's horn" that adorns the sides
of the fuse. and is duplicated with another "horn" on the upper surface of
the upper wing.
3) A large "2" is aft of the "horn decal" on the fuse sides and is also
duplicated with a larger "2" on the upper surface of the upper wing.
4) From fore to aft, the rudder is striped blue, white and red.
5) A large "S" overlays the blue and white stripes on the fin with very
small "XIII" at top of rudder's vertical white stripe.
6) French roundels are on the upper surface of the upper wing and the under
surface of lower wing.
7) All under surfaces are light grey.
8) Cowl and wheels (not tires) are white
9) There are no other numerals or lettering on the plane

What's the Squadron and possible pilot?

1) All flat earth brown
2) Undersurfaces are antique (cream, maybe)
3) Large British roundels on upper surface of upper wing outlined in white.
4) Smaller British roundels on undersurface of lower wing
5) Silver (sic; metallic) cowl and engine housing back to L.E. of lower wing.
6) Fore to aft blue, white and red vertical stripes on rudder.
7) Sides of fuselage shows the following:
Large "F" - British roundel (outlined in white) - two
vertical white stripes (equally spaced) followed by the small numerals,

What the sqaudron and possible pilot?

DeHavilland DH-4:
1) Cowl = black
2) From cowl to behind rear cockpit = grey
3) Remaining surfaces = olive green
4) All undersurfaces = grey
5) From fore to aft, rudder colors are blue,white, red.
6) A large white "M" is located just below the center line on each side of
the fuse. and immediately behind the cowl
7) British roundels are located on either side of the fuse below (and just
forward) of the rear cockpit
8) The numerals "F. 5701" are on either side of the fuse. just forward of
the Stab.'s L.E.
9) Large British roundels are located on the upper surface of the upper
wing and smaller British roundels are located on the under surface of the
lower wing.

What's the squadron and possible pilot(s)

Halberstadt D-II
For lack of any definitive information on the colors of this plane (and, I
didn't want it to be camouflaged) I painted the fabric all dark red. Could
there possibly be such an original? If so, could you suggest any
particular markings for it, other than the Maltese crosses on the wings and

That's it, for now, Don. But, I still have an Albatros D-Va that I copied
(believe it or not) from an ESCI Kit # 9025 (RED BARON FLYING CIRCUS). The
kit consisted of 6, WW-I, 1/72 plastic models. The coloring is so
complicated on the Albatros that I'd like to wait until later for you to
help me determine if it was someone's imagination or a "real" prototype.

Thanks again!!