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Tue, 9 Jan 96 17:10 EST

On Mon, 8 Jan 1996, (e8925955) (by way of (Joseph R. Boeke)) wrote:
>Hi everybody!
>I am looking for colour and markings of Lothar von Richthofens Fokker D VII

As you may know, LVR was wounded on March 13, 1918 and did not return to
real flying status until several months later. Re sumed command of Jasta 11
upon return. They had just received their first D-vII at this time. LVR flew
several planes of this batch. Unfortunatly the one least documented is the one
he flew the most. Probably ser. # 294/18. This plane had Red front metal work,
red struts, red wheel covers. The body was the Fokker "streak" camoflage like
the Dr-1. Crosses were Latin type with narrow borders. The tail group had a
thin yellow wash on it. Rudder remain white with thin latin cross.Lozenge
fabric ( runnig horizontal) on wings.

The better documented one is a "loaner" belonging to Aloys Heldmann. This had
a similar schem though the horizontal tail group was a black and white
checkerboard and a script AL on the upper wing.
Windsock Fabric special #1 has a nice set of photos and a color layout of
Heldmanns' plane.

The LVR plane in a small three view may be available from Dan San-Abbott.

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