Whippet (forgot!)

Jose Valenciano (joeyval@pusit.admu.edu.ph)
Wed, 10 Jan 1996 10:51:26 +0800 (GMT+0800)

Ay Naku! (Oh my!)

For those who read the review I posted yesterday, there was one last item
that I wanted to add but just forgot. Anyway, here goes:

Other improvements:

* you might want to carve away the idler tension adjusters on each
side of the front part of the sponsons (deepen the cavity as well).
Replace with small hex bolts of similar dimension.

* It might be a good idea to "black wash" the detail of the road wheel
mounts on each side of the sponsons. The "U" bolts were not
actuall "moulded in" on the real thing, you know.


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