Sierra Scale Models

Charles Hart (
Thu, 11 Jan 1996 10:46:21 -0700

Joey in Metro-Manila asks:

>Got a question. There was a letter from our mail archive that referred to
>a certain Bob Norgen as being in some way attached to Sierra Scale Models.
>I believe his e-mail address was written as:
>I tried mailing to this address only to get my message sent back to me.
>Whoever has the right address, please send it to me.

Bob Norgren IS Sierra Scale Models. He cranks out those vac form kits
in his basement and from time to time, as I haer from him, I post his
latest releases on this list. Whether the above e-mail address is valid, I
am not sure. I think he had one of AOL's introductory packages at one
time, but I don't know if that included an e-mail address.

The last note I received from him in late November was pessimistic
about the future of Sierra Scale Models. Basically sales are low and
certain businesses distributing his kits owe him money for products already
delivered and are slow in paying. This is not unheard of among others in
the model kit "cottage" industry. Bob has put a lot of effort into
producing his kits and has done a lot of nice work. However whenever a new
release is announced, you can figure that he probably has had a production
run of 200 shots or less. The message is, if he has a release that you
like, buy now, who knows when, or if he will make more. I think that this
is particularly true at the present time. He really needs a shot in the
arm, and from personal experience January is a slow time of year for sales,
so I encourage members of this list to act on their desires for any of his
kits. Their future availability is less than certain. Bob would
appreciate your support also.