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Matt Bittner (
Thu, 11 Jan 1996 11:06:23 -0600

On 11 Jan 96 at 10:46, Charles Hart typed diligently:

> The last note I received from him in late November was
> pessimistic about the future of Sierra Scale Models. Basically
> sales are low and certain businesses distributing his kits owe him
> money for products already delivered and are slow in paying. This
> is not unheard of among others in the model kit "cottage" industry.
> Bob has put a lot of effort into producing his kits and has done a
> lot of nice work. However whenever a new release is announced, you
> can figure that he probably has had a production run of 200 shots
> or less. The message is, if he has a release that you like, buy
> now, who knows when, or if he will make more. I think that this is
> particularly true at the present time. He really needs a shot in
> the arm, and from personal experience January is a slow time of
> year for sales, so I encourage members of this list to act on their
> desires for any of his kits. Their future availability is less
> than certain. Bob would appreciate your support also.

Do you, Charles, have a complete list of all his offerings -
currently in production?

I want to stress that Sierra vacs are some of the best on the market.
Although I have yet to build mine, you can tell that the quality and
workmanship is high. He - Bob - has done some tremendous work.

Another problem I see is when the injected folks release kits Sierra
already has out. I've heard this complaint from Koster, when Eduard
came out with their 1/48th "same kits". Too many people would rather
build injected than vacs. Kind of understandable, but there's no
reason to be shy about vacs.


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