Sierra Scale Models HB W12

Jesse Thorn (
Thu, 11 Jan 1996 13:31:54 -0500 (EST)

I thought with the discussion of Sierra Scale going on that I would add
my own $0.02 worth and put in a plug for the company's models.

I am halfway+ through construction of this kit. It is going together very
well. Good fit and alignment of parts. I have the interior done, the
fuselage assembled, the tailplane and lower wing attached, the upper wing
done, the floats assembled, all parts primed and sanded, and am just
waiting to get some A/G naval hex decals. Still have to make the struts,
too. This is my Blizzard of '96 activity and is helping me fend off

This is a big single engine aircraft especially with the floats and will
make an impressive addition to any collection.

A few more comments on the kit. The kit represents an early production batch
aircraft with the rounded tailplane, ailerons in the top wing only, and
nose mounted radiator. The plastic is white 40 thou (or so) styrene that
cuts and sands easily. Templates are provided for all struts. Injection
molded plastic 150 HP Mercedes engine, radiator, prop, and armaments are

Naval ace Kptlt. Christiansen used one of these. A photo of his Nr. 1183
appears on page 98 of 'Eisernes Kruez und Balken Kreuz'.

Now for a question. What color rib tapes were used on aircraft covered
with naval hex printed fabric? I have only a handful of photos of the upper
wings of similarly covered aircraft. It looks like very light
colored tapes were used and are clearly visible in a few of the photos.

Does anyone have WWI Aero #134 - the issue with the article on naval hex