Naval Hex Fabric

Charles Hart (
Thu, 11 Jan 1996 13:08:08 -0700

Jesse asks:
>Now for a question. What color rib tapes were used on aircraft covered
>with naval hex printed fabric? I have only a handful of photos of the upper
>wings of similarly covered aircraft. It looks like very light
>colored tapes were used and are clearly visible in a few of the photos.
There is documentation of three types of rib tape material used on
German aircraft, rose colored, blue colored tapes and strips of lozenge
fabric. Apart from what was written up in the Smithsonian Albatros book, I
have seen no other references to the rose and blue tapes. Anyone out there
with other citations about this. When the blue tape is used over regular
lozenge fabric it stands out pretty strongly.

>Does anyone have WWI Aero #134 - the issue with the article on naval hex

This article was a description of a large piece of this fabric written
by Dan San-Abbot. The fabric belongs to Peter Grosz. It describes the
dimensions of the pattern and Dan's Methuen readings of the colors.