Naval Hex Camouflage: Query

Jose Valenciano (
Fri, 12 Jan 1996 14:28:47 +0800 (GMT+0800)

In my search through our mail archive I haven't come across andy
definitive info on German naval hex camo, although 4 & 5 color loz. is
satisfactorily covered.

1) How wide was the cloth?
2) How many colors, how were they arranged in the pattern, and what colors?
3) Was there only one hex design used or were there variations.
4) I've seen Steve Hustad's model (lohner?) on the "images" page. Hexes
in browns. What was this all about? Painted on or printed?
5) I have a book at home on aircraft camo (printed in the U.K., don't
have the name right now) wich stated that hexes were 18 in.
across the flats and had 1 pic. of a captured AEG photoed from above.
This plane definitely has large hexes unlike those on naval a.c. Why?

I know very little about hex camo., hence my hesitancy to try planes with

For those who reply, Salamat! (Thanks)


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