painted lozenge and ribs question

dave (
Fri, 12 Jan 1996 14:31:42 +0100

I 'm currently working (well, enjoying myself actually) on Eduard's 1:48
Hannover Cl III and still wondering how I will tackle the fuselage lozenge
painting (they were actually painted, not fabric as somebody explained to me
My questions are:
1. Does the painted lozenge looks really different from the fabric, i.e
should I try to paint the scheme on clear decal film before or directly on
the fuselage?

2. Are there any ribs on top of wings and under? Eduard doesn't show any.
Besides the demarcation between pieces of fabric is diagonal (more or less
45 degrees),not parrallel to the ribs (if they should be).
Generally speaking, what are exactly these ribs, and are they common feature
to all lozenge fabric? If any ribs on the Hannover, which colour should
these be?
light blue? and following the demarcation between pieces of fabric or not ?

Thanks in advance

Happy modelling