Re: painted lozenge and ribs question

Douglas R. Jones (
Fri, 12 Jan 1996 16:47:33 -0600

>Doug is right on here. The rip tapes are for covering overlapping joints,

It happens occassionally ;-)

>reinforcing at wear or stress areas, and covering the knots from fabric
>being stiched to ribs. Im the stiched areas, it's mainly to streamline
>and weatherproof that area.
>This is one of those, sometimes, type answers. Many times the fabric
>will be laid out, a sewn together on a machine, and have a "sail ' type
>overlapping of the adjoining pieces. Then thi is double stiched with
>a sail type stitch.
>Very rarely, espcially on planes that had a long seam parallel to the
>span, this would get a rib tape.

Thanks, Don! I knew you would havethe definitive answer.

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