Re: SE5as

Don Rinker (
Fri, 12 Jan 96 19:07 EST

Just a few suggestions:

Some of the American Units; true its PC10 but the have some nice markings

Home defense SE-5's. Same splashy markings

Post war Se-5's used as SKYWRITERS.. Now there IS an idea !!! Get a smoke
system too. THis plane would be legal for Rhinebeck now that the rules have
opened up.

On Fri, 12 Jan 1996, (Douglas R. Jones) wrote:
>I am currently working on a 1/6 SE5a and I need some suggestions for
>markings etc. I am going to buy the Datafile on the SE5 (assuming I can find
>one) but would like to know if there were any planes with a more 'colorful'
>scheme than the generic PC10 over dopen linen. If not, which pilot/squadron
>had the splashiest markings? I know some of the Sopwith Pups used in
>training squadrons were very colorful! So even something along these lines
>would be great!
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