Re: Off topic - but very colorful - request
Sat, 13 Jan 1996 00:25:19 -0500

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>I ended up winning the Williams Bros. Martin B-10B in 1/72nd.
>Since I can't find any references in my own collection - besides the
>entry in "Janes all the world's Aircraft" "of all times" (upto 1982)
>- does anybody on the list have any references, or can point me in
>the right direction? I would like to find cockpit info at least, and
>more if possible.

How about the IPMS USA Quarterly Winter 1974, (Vol 10 #2) which had an
article called the "Martin B-10 Series" by (!) Jim Maas. There's some
cockpit info in _Airpower_ May 72, and probably (I haven't gotten it yet) in
the Jorge Nunez booklet on Argentine B-10's.