RE: painted lozenge and ribs question
15 Jan 96 10:12:00 EST

Charles has written:

> Three types of rib tapes have been identified on German lozenge
>covered a/c, blue tapes, rose colored tapes (both documented in the
>Smithsonian Albatros D-Va book) and strips of lozenge fabric. From
>at many photographs, my gut feeling is that the lozenge fabric tapes
>probably the most common. Does anyone on the list have a better handle
>this ?

I certainly don't have a better handle on it, but I'd like to make a

In the only Datafile I have on hand at work today (#9 Fokker D.VII) there
is a fairly high proportion of light rib tapes on the shots which show
wings reasonably clearly. I think this is an exception though, rather
than the rule, since (again, just an impression) it seems most of the
Datafile photos of other loz covered aircraft don't show this as clearly
or as often.