Re: SE5as

Douglas R. Jones (
Sun, 14 Jan 1996 21:39:31 -0600

>No, no color photos. The planes were pretty "plain". Silver overall
>with large block letters on the sides and top wing, like typical
>european registry G-BEAK that sort of thing. The smake system pipes
>ran from the manifolds all along the fuse sides and joined at the rear.
>( Could be done fake on one side, and light plastic tube on the other.)

OK. Thanks for checking ity out for me!

>I was looking for some stuff for someone else and came across an SE-5 from 56
>squadron with PC-10 wings and stab, but the entire fuse and rudder,fin were
>bright red. There's a logo "schweihunt" on the nose.

This might be fun to do!