Re: Windsock Datafiles

Brian Bushe (
Mon, 15 Jan 1996 10:06:50 +0000

> Question. My sister-in-law and her husband are traveling to England for a
> couple of weeks to visit his kids. The current excahnge rate is
> $1.54/English pound. Given the Wise Owl prices of $13 - $31 for Datafiles
> and Specials is it cheaper to get them to pick me up some in England or go
> ahead and get them here? I do not know what they cost in pounds.

they vary in price. I have my Hannants price list here at work so if
you mail me with which datafiles you want i will return the prices.
The prices you quote range from 8.50 pounds to 20 pounds, and the
prices in the list range from 5.50 to 18.5 (for the gotha specia
which is far and away the most expensive). BTW these prices include
VAT so if you mail ordered these the VAT would be deducted. Also if
you purchse them at their shop you could reclaim it at the airport
but that is possibly complicated.