Re: Theo Osterkamp Query

dave (
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 13:19:08 +0100

>May I please inquire about Theo Osterkamp?
>1) What planes did he fly in WWI?
In the final stage, it was a Fokker DVIII. Don't know before, perhaps a DVII.

>2) What were the paint schemes and markings of these planes?
I'm not quite sure, but it should look like the scheme given in DML-Dragon 1:48
kit. Lozenge 4 colours on fuselage, except front of cockpit. Black and white
(or yellow?) striped tail rudder and ailerons. Black and white (or yellow?)
"teeth" striped cowling. The wheels covers though look like they have
lozenge, not black and white stripes. Wing and front of cockpit of a dark
olive colour.
All of the above is only a guess....
>3) He garnered 32 victories in WWI. Gained 6 more in WWII!
> Does anyone know what plane(s) he flew (and their markings) in this other
> conflict?
A BF 109 E, I guess, since it was during battle of Britain
>Permit me to ask about pilots from time to time. Got many more to ask about
Don't know much, I'm afraid. Does anybody follows?