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Matt Bittner (
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 07:22:02 -0600

On 16 Jan 96 at 9:02, Paul Butler typed diligently:

> Perhaps people might be interested to discuss there favourite modelling tools
> especially if they are a little out of the ordinary.

My best "creation": Friends of mine are in the "hospital business"
(nurses, etc.). I've gotten numerous "clamps" that could work.
However, most come with serated mating surfaces. So, I took a
Dremel, "filed" down the teeth, and voila! The best photoetch holder
I can find. You can clamp the brass as tight as you want, without
worrying about leaving "teeth marks", or any other kind of
indentation. Really helps when you need to sand down those nibs that
are found after you nip the parts from the tree. These modified
clamps also come in handy with some plastic, especially if the
plastic is the "harder" type. Just used them this morning to hold
landing gear legs as I sanded them thinner. Also works on some white
metal, although care is needed her. Most white metal parts are made
of a softer metal, so the "lowest, clamping" position is needed so as
not to mar the parts.


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