Brian Nicklas (NASAD003@SIVM.SI.EDU)
Tue, 16 Jan 96 10:37:52 EST

A.) 180hp Daimler (Mercedes) DIIIa
B.) Struts at wing tip are feld grau (green) Munsell 2.5 G 4/2
Strut which attaches just behind leading edge to fuselage is
the same as above. All other struts in cockpit area are
chocolate brown - Munsell 5 YR 4/4
C.) Horizontal stab is squadron color - same as nose and cockpit struts,
Munsell 5 YR 4/4
D.) (you didn't ask, but...) Fuselage is gray, not lozenge.

Brian Nicklas
National Air and Space Museum
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Good day all!

Can anyone tell me:

A.) What type of motor is installed in the Smithsonian's Fokker DVII?

B.) What color are the landing gear struts and the interplane struts?

C.) How is the horizontal stabilizer finished? Is it painted grey or
brown or is it plain lozenge fabric?

Thanks in advance!