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Thayer Syme (
16 Jan 1996 08:14:44 -0800

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Guy Fawcett wrote, much to Doug Jones agreement,

>I guess that I would still find covering a WWI plane in Monokote hard to accept
>although in reality the surface texture would probably be closer given the
>tight weave of airplane fabric which was then filled with dope and working at a
>scale of 1/6 the original. Food for thought!
*Yes it is.
Guy, Doug, might I respectfully join the fray?

I agree as well, that the scale of model fabrics is coarse, but Monokote? How
many WWI craft on the line, or rolling out of the factory, had a mirror-like
shine (a function of surface texture) on them? Certainly many fabric planes are
finished to the level where Monokote would be appropriate but I expect they are
much more common in the showplane parking at Oshkosh than they ever were above
the lines.

Perhaps some powers that be might undertake creating a matt finish iron-on film
for such subjects.

Thayer Syme
San Francisco