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Douglas R. Jones (
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 10:50:03 -0600

>Guy, Doug, might I respectfully join the fray?

Heck yes! The more the merrier! This is an interesting topic to be punted

>I agree as well, that the scale of model fabrics is coarse, but Monokote? How
>many WWI craft on the line, or rolling out of the factory, had a mirror-like
>shine (a function of surface texture) on them? Certainly many fabric
planes are
>finished to the level where Monokote would be appropriate but I expect they are
>much more common in the showplane parking at Oshkosh than they ever were above
>the lines.

This is the problem I have with using a plastic film covering. It just
doesn't look right. Unless you are modeling a replica with a Oshkosh gloss
finish :-) However the smooth surface does have less drag. But how much? Is
it really enough to worry about? I don't know. I have not done any
experiments to find out. I used Coverite like most guys and like the
results. I have also used 21st Century fabrics which tend to be much
smoother than Coverite painted with dope. I haven't noticed any difference.
Larry Crabb apparently HAS done the experiments and sayd that there is a
real difference. Enough that one a particular plane it was the difference
between a ST .45 and a ST .61! Which is a big difference!

>Perhaps some powers that be might undertake creating a matt finish iron-on film
>for such subjects.

This is the best idea I have heard lately! Next to Coverite reissuing their
lozenge product!

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