Re: Power Loading

Guy Fawcett (
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 09:50:23 -0600 (MDT)

>Guy, Doug, might I respectfully join the fray?

>I agree as well, that the scale of model fabrics is coarse, but Monokote?

I was considering it as more of a base to apply paint to then as the finished
colour. You could make the argument that any smooth
covering material like Mica Film (Coverite) and Litespan (Solarfilm) would
provide the the same smooth base to apply paint to.

>How many WWI craft on the line, or rolling out of the factory, had a
mirror-like shine (a function of surface texture) on them? Certainly many
fabric planes are finished to the level where Monokote would be appropriate but
I expect they are much more common in the showplane parking at Oshkosh than
they ever were above
the lines.

Interesting you should mention that because I have seen in many WWI photo a
very high gloss reflection from the under surfaces of wing planes. Clear dope
is very shiny before it weathers and lower surfaces would stay shinner longer.
I haven't seen reference to any attempt at producing matt dope except in the
case of NIVO for night operations. But the surface of Monokote would be too
glossy with out some tonning down with steel wool or some kind of paint.
Monokote comes in a transparent version with no pigment and it is this type
that some people building electric scale models are using to cover with and
then apply paint.

>Perhaps some powers that be might undertake creating a matt finish iron-on
film for such subjects.

Steel wool or a matt clear paint if the monkote colour is correct.

Tally Ho