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Douglas R. Jones (
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 11:13:45 -0600

>I was considering it as more of a base to apply paint to then as the finished
>colour. You could make the argument that any smooth
>covering material like Mica Film (Coverite) and Litespan (Solarfilm) would
>provide the the same smooth base to apply paint to.

Yes, I agree. Doc Crabb uses this technique on a couple of his planes. (Doc
where are you? Jump in here!) The painted finish gives the appropriate
"roughness" to the finish that he likes yet is lighter than fabric and
perhaps smoother too.

Interesting you should mention that because I have seen in many WWI photo a
>very high gloss reflection from the under surfaces of wing planes. Clear dope
>is very shiny before it weathers and lower surfaces would stay shinner longer.
>I haven't seen reference to any attempt at producing matt dope except in the
>case of NIVO for night operations. But the surface of Monokote would be too
>glossy with out some tonning down with steel wool or some kind of paint.

This would be an interesting technique to try.

>Monokote comes in a transparent version with no pigment and it is this type
>that some people building electric scale models are using to cover with and
>then apply paint.

I wonder what the success rate of having paint adhere is given the nasty
environment of oil, nitromethane, exhaust waste and vibration?

>Steel wool or a matt clear paint if the monkote colour is correct.
This is a technique that migh bear trying!

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