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Thayer Syme (
16 Jan 1996 09:08:37 -0800

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Doug Jones replied,
*Larry Crabb apparently HAS done the experiments and said that
*there is a real difference. Enough that one a particular plane it
*was the difference between a ST .45 and a ST .61! Which is a
*big difference!

This seems pretty amazing to me especially considering that
there used to be a bunch of discussion in the glider camps about
using fabric on the tops of wings to help keep the flow attached.
As I haven't done any testing myself, I will procede with
caution on current projects.

>Perhaps some powers that be might undertake creating a matt
>finish iron-on film for such subjects.

*This is the best idea I have heard lately! Next to Coverite
*reissuing their lozenge product!

Nice as they would be, I'm not holding my breath for either....