Re: Tools

Paul Butler (
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 10:21:00 +1100

Why am I going to all of this trouble?

Simple. My first two projects (Albatros D.Va and Pfalz D.XII) will be built
using scale like structures (ala Proctor version of the D.Va) using pine, spruce
and plywood.

All flying surfaces will be built in jigs to ensure accuracy and repeatability
for the construction of replacement parts. I also expect to minimise the
rigging problems people talk of by ensuring that I have interchangeable parts.

This will be aided by using jigs when aligning all rigging attachment points.
Key attachment points will be designed to relax the tension in the wires for
easier attachment and removal. By tightening up the attachments to pre set
hard stops, the flying surfaces should always return to the same position.

I expect that periodical maintenance will be needed to allow for some changes
due to age etc.

In between outings, wings will be crated in a restraining cradle to prevent
warping. Fuselages will also be crated to prevent hanger rash and damage
during transport.

Sounds like a lot of work but since I only intend to have five or six types
(but perhaps a few duplicates) in my hanger, I consider the effort to be a
worthwhile investment.

Paul Butler